Get Started: Prehab Exercises for Beginners

If I only I knew then what I know now. I’ve spent months and years of my life in physical therapy, working to recover from injuries I sustained playing sports I love. Rolled ankles, torn ACLs, lower back issues, bruised ribs… the list goes on and on. As it turns out, if I had spent more time doing prehab exercises, I may not have experienced injuries I did. Prehab could have prevented the injuries, or at least lessened the severity. After earning my certification and spending time in various physical therapy and rehab clinics, both as a patient and as an intern, I’ve  discovered just how beneficial prehab exercises can be as a way to prevent and reduce risk of injury!

Get Started: Prehab Exercises for Beginners

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Whether you’re new to prehab exercises or not, there are 5 simple, but sometimes difficult to do, exercises you can get started with. Prehab exercises for beginners and advanced athletes alike are how you keep your body healthy as you push yourself in the gym, studio, or training class.

In a recent post published on the Honest Body Fitness blog, I explain what prehab is:

The best way to describe prehab is as a proactive way of training often-injured areas of the body with a dedicated focus. This often means spending time working on joint mobility, stability, and strength. Prehab prepares your body for the long-term.

Head over the full post HERE for more on what prehab is and to see five foundational exercises you can add to your routine now, with videos for demos!

What’s your favorite prehab exercise?

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