Body Independence Week 2016

Not too long ago, I spent a few days just about off the grid, camping in Canada. I spent just under a week with limited cell service and next to no data. During my time “away from it all,” I didn’t track macros, check out Instagram, or work out beyond the hikes/walks and some kayaking one day. While I was tuning in with the great outdoor, I was also tuning in with myself. During this time, I was also reading The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck by Sarah Knight. With this time of introspection and also realizing I really don’t need to give a f*ck about many of the things I do, I decided it was time for the first ever Grounded Strength Body Independence Week.

What is Body Independence Week?

I want to help women (and men) change in their perspective and their relationship with their bodies for the better. I was initially inspired to launch this week when getting in tune with my own mindset, but after talking with friends in the industry about our own experiences with body image and owning and loving where we are, I’ve noticed a theme of strong, fit, healthy women doubting themselves.

It could be an off-hand comment from a stranger that sticks, a family member or loved one questioning our decisions, social media, or the general media’s suggestions of what a “bikini body” is supposed to look like.

Body Independence Week is a week focused on finding body independence, where you declare yourself free from the body image empire of the media, others, and even your former self. You declare yourself a new, independent and powerful person. I hope the articles of this week help you shift your perspective on yourself and your body. I want you to see and love your body the way you deserve – wholeheartedly, without judgment, and with total body independence. It’s your body and yours alone.

I’ll have articles from a personal trainer, a registered dietitian – both of whom I respect and admire – a kickass workout playlist, resources to help you love the skin you’re in, and more!

Each day, at the end of the post for that day, I’ll have a journal topic and/or activity for you. Journaling your thoughts throughout this week can help when you want to look back and reflect on how your thoughts have transformed. Think of it as a bit of a self-love reset for your mind and body.

Today’s Activity: Your Declaration of Body Independence

Today, I want you to write down your own declaration of body independence. This is your announcement of your new state of mind, one of body independence. We’ll structure our declaration similar to that of the Declaration of Independence.

Here are the five steps to writing your own declaration of body independence. Remember, no one has to see this unless you share it. It’s all for you.

  • To start, write down why you want to do this.  Just the why. What is the context?
  • Write your truth(s). What do you want to gain? What do you really hope will happen?
  • Write your grievance(s). What has body dependence done for you?
  • Write your hindrance(s). What has held you back from body independence?
  • Write your final statement. With body independence, what is it that you are free from and to do?

Below, I will share my own declaration of body independence (it’s about to get super real) as a guide for all of you. You may have some similarities and some differences – that’s perfectly OK! This is for you.

My Declaration of Body Independence

I am doing Body Independence Week 2016 because I need a reset. A week in the outdoors made me aware of how much time I was dedicating to judging myself.

I want to lose the self-judgment and self-doubt. I want to love my body for what it is capable of more than for what it looks like. I want to live my best, healthiest life.

Body dependence has made me wary to go out with friends and enjoy my time out, hindered my self-esteem and self-confidence, and has made me tie too much of my worth to my appearance.

Self-comparison has made me question myself. Comparing myself to others has made me deaf to the real truths and my voice of reason.

With this independence, I am free from the self-doubt and the association of worth to appearance. I am free to be able to enjoy life more with greater confidence in my mind and my capabilities, to make more memories, and to focus my attention and energy on the things that empower me to live my best life.

body independence week featured image

Now that the week has begun, I hope you will join me. Start by writing out your declaration, and then check back each day for what’s next this Body Independence Week.

Won’t you join me? What are you declaring? 

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